I will be speaking at ShiftCon, a sustainable social media conference, on the topic of Maintaining Peak Health & Minimizing Disease Risk.

If you ask most people ‘What is Health?,’ a lot of times people have no idea what they should be aiming for. It’s not just a lack of disease, there’s a lot more that adds up to good health. In this presentation I’ll go over more intricate details such as:

  1. The Mind and Endogenous Health
  2. Power of The Breath
  3. Oxygen – Carbon Dioxide Ratio
  4. The Connection of Food to Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Ratio
  5. Cardiovascular Health
  6. Neuromuscular Tissue
  7. Moving for Life
  8. “Roughing It!
  9. Infectious Diseases
  10. Degenerative Diseases
  11. Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  12. The Human Body’s connection to Nature
  13. Solutions For Degenerative Diseases
  14. Supplements: When are they effective?
  15. Chronic Stress is Degeneration

Due to COVID-19 logistics, this year’s Shiftcon will be a fully virtual conference held on Zoom teleconference software.

I will be speaking alongside actor Hill Harper and Google Global Partnership Manager Ryan Warrender. You can view the speaker’s lineup and then please go register for ShiftCon here so you can see my talk. See you there!

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