I am proud to announce the release of my new book, “Unfettered.”

Unfettered means to be free: unrestrained, unchained and unafraid.

This illustrated coffee table book is a collection of anecdotes, life lessons, and epiphanies that I have kept close to my heart over the past 30 years. During my career as a CEO, entrepreneur, scientist and martial arts coach, I have experienced many ups and downs. There were times when I wanted to quit and run far away and there were times when I felt on top of the world, a bit overconfident. I’ve learned that maintaining right belief system and frame of mind is essential to finding the middle path. Keeping your perspective balanced helps you move straight towards your goals with the least amount of suffering.

In this book I explain the most essential, stripped down components of my philosophy of life and how to “win” at it, such as:

  • How your mind shapes your destiny
  • The importance of your belief system
  • Which lifestyle changes you should make first
  • The #1 most important habit of highly successful people
  • How to embrace change
  • The fastest path to accomplish your goals in life
  • Power tips for time management
  • The main difference between bums and billionaires
  • The vital importance of air & water quality
  • Little known “secrets” of health & wealth

The book is available in an illustrated hardcover edition and also as an ebook for Kindle and digital download. Please stop by Amazon or Blub and pick up your copy now!

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