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HEALTH - The Best Way To Measure It!

What is "Health"?

Follow my health blogs and the topic of “Measuring Health” always comes up. Your health equity is the most important equity you possess. What’s the best way to measure and develop it?

We need to define “Health.” The popular answer I get from doctors and medical professionals is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition from 1948 (yes 1948!)- “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

I agree that Mental Health is a very important and often overlooked component of Health. I have published a book and blogged about this. But this description is too vague and tepid for me. What’s a better definition?

The promptness and ferocity of the body's response, to an external threat, is the key measure of its health.

The human body is a fortress constantly being attacked.

Benign foreign bodies like dust and pollen, malicious pathogens like viruses and virulent bacteria, constantly find their way into the body.

The promptness and the ferocity of the body’s response, to an external threat, is the key measure of its health.

The only way to prevent an immune response is to ingest materials that your body considers “natural”.

Health Measure

Art Prieur Experiment

Many years ago, Arthur A Prieur, Professor Emeritus,University of California San Francisco, Immunology Department, presented data on what happened when he injected obviously healthy, obviously unhealthy and average people with rabbit albumin- a non pathogenic foreign body.

Simulating an average virus, healthy people reacted with “half the maximum” force in 3 days, when only two thousand one hundred (2,100) “foreign invaders” were present.  People classified as “average” responded in 5 days, with the same force, only to be confronted with five hundred and thirty thousand (530,000) invaders. Unhealthy people were sluggish. It took them 10 days to have the same response, only to face two hundred and thirty million (230,000,000) invaders!  An “Uh Oh!” moment.

A healthy person’s immune system will quickly and aggressively respond, in volume, and rapidly overwhelm the invader. An unhealthy person has a delayed and tepid response, which is no match for the aggressive pathogenic invaders, which have multiplied to a unmanageable volume. Healthy people rarely fall sick. Unhealthy people are chronically unwell.

Immune System Response
Detailed Immune Response


Healthy people with fast, aggressive immune response have common characteristics.  Their body composition is high in “high performance tissues”. Their mitochondrial density is high. Their vascular system is well developed. Their neuro muscular tissue content is high. They produce a lot  of power with minimal effort. The Research and Development of how to develop these traits is the domain expertise of Peak Health Centers around the world.

It is not feasible to have people go to clinics for an inoculation of rabbit albumin. Then have them go to get a blood draw every day day to measure their immune response. So Peak Health looked at the body composition characteristics of healthy, average and unhealthy people and created the Deep Health Device to accurately and conveniently measure human health.

Deep Health® Device

Patented Health Score

Class 1 Medical Device

Deep Health Device

Is A Doctor Trained In Health?

Doctors are trained to treat disease. They know a lot about diseases. A hospital has sick people. Medical school deals with disease and sickness. They have no class on health.

Doctors have no formal training on the Science of Health. The study of Disease (Medicine) is often termed as “Health Science”. This is one of the biggest misnomers in society today!

Doctors know about disease and not health

True Facts And Experiences

I asked a bunch of cardiac surgeons, in New York, what their left ventricular stroke volume was. They had no idea.

I asked a room filled with one hundred doctors, at an Indian Medical Association conference in Bombay, “what is the best way to measure a person’s cardiovascular fitness without any equipment”? They had no idea.

My brother is the head of Neurosurgery at a large and very well known hospital in India. He had pain, for years, in his upper back and shoulder area and was advised surgery. Realizing it was his radial nerve being pinched, I stretched his joints and shoulders to relieve the impingement. His pain disappeared. I was puzzled. I asked him, “You are the head of Neurosurgery. You are surrounded by world renowned doctors. And no one figured this solution out?” He gave me an embarrassed laugh.


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