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"More Health Less Medicine"

Good health is extremely valuable... and free!

I have always been blessed with a keen awareness of health, and I figured out from a young age how to maintain it.

Many people neglect their health. I find this baffling because it’s our most precious asset.

Good health is more valuable than diamonds & gold… and it is also free. You can cultivate health if you are willing to learn healthy habits. You can improve your health with proper nutrition, exercises and natural plant medicines that are good for you.

Peaceful Sleep Comes From A Relaxed Mind​

I’ve always been blessed with abundant self-discipline, which I consider to be a powerful form of self love and respect. I believe that one of the best ways to care for myself is to get a great night’s sleep, each and every single night.

I have woken up at 5 A.M., or earlier, ever since I was 13 years old. The early morning hours are my private time… my “power hours” where I can relax, recover, ponder, meditate & physically train.

That’s why I always go to bed at 10 P.M. unless there’s an emergency. I’ve trained my brain to shut down naturally, every night, and fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. I sleep easy and peacefully, and before I know it, I am awake at 5 A.M. with no alarms, no coffee: nothing.

I’m energized, fully alert and ready to seize the day.

You can do the same by making sleep a priority and not an afterthought. You can do it by controlling your mind (and not letting your mind control you).

Sitting Around All Day is Literally Killing Us

An obese woman sitting around

Our bodies have been designed with abundant energy and a natural capacity for explosiveness. If you look at children, you’ll see them bouncing and jumping all over the place. We have very limber tissue when we are young, but the industrial revolution has made us move away from nature & from motion. Cars, labor-saving gadgets and devices are making us stagnate. We are getting lazier and sicker, and it’s not age that does us in. 

It’s too much inactive time, time without motion… sitting around all day… that actually decays our neuromuscular tissue (NMT) – the tissue that lies in between our muscles and tendons. The NMT is the 2ndmost “expensive” tissue in the body to maintain (the brain is #1). 

So with our NMT, we must “use it or lose it.”

When I was 30 years old, every NBA or NFL athlete was a far better athlete than I was. Then they retired and basically stopped moving. But I kept on moving. Today, I’m 60 years old and I can run circles around many ex-professional athletes.

I didn’t get that much better. They got a lot worse.


“Rough,” Unprocessed Foods Are Very Important​

Exercise helps our body get strong. This is also true for our digestive organs. They need a “workout.”

Our guts are designed to “Rough It®”. Digestive organs are designed to grind and extract very little, scant nutrition, from barely digestible foods. We are supposed to consume foods that have very little nutrition. And we are meant to process a large amount of roughage or indigestible material in our guts. We are not designed to eat ultra-processed. Sugar, refined flour and artificial sweeteners are more like addictive street drugs than legitimate dietary options.

The food we get in restaurants and most grocery stores have very little residual roughage. 86% of all premature deaths today are due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In other words, most deaths today are caused by things we voluntarily put into our mouths.

Stick to the wise traditions of our ancestors and eat unprocessed, whole, fresh foods with plenty of fiber.

Plants & Human Symbiosis


An over-active PS causes obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, increased inflammation & diabetes. An under-active PS causes migraines, fibromyalgia and IBS. Most interestingly, pharmaceutical drugs don’t work well on the PS. Only plant (“phyto”) molecules or phytoceuticals work well on the PS.

Our team of researchers and clinicians believe that certain plant molecules act as neurotransmitters that significantly affect our health.  Nature intrinsically designed plants and humans to work together & thrive in close relationship with each other. Plants can develop to their fullest potential with human care and breeding, and humans can be healed and balanced by plants. It’s the ‘cycle of life.’

The Indian hemp (cannabis sativa) plant has been traditionally used as an herbal adaptogen, but it’s use remains controversial. Peak Health has discovered & developed a patented extract of a special hops vine called Humulus Kriya. Humulus Kriya modulates the PS, balances the immune system and calms the nervous system naturally and effectively – completely free of THC or intoxication.


Deep Health® Measurements​

Deep Health® Device

Measuring Health & Building Positive Habits​

At Peak Health we are big believers in science, numbers and analysis. We have patents on measuring health. Measurements are critical. People who measure their health with the Deep Health® Device have invariably improved it.

Being healthy is free. It is not the result of a sudden event. It’s a collection of habits. It is a habit of being  part of nature. It’s a habit of moving our joints, keeping our body limber and flexible. It’s a habit of bouncing around and jumping just like when we were young. 

It’s also a habit of eating simple, natural foods. It’s a habit of sleeping well. It’s a habit of being confident, confident in our bodies and having the confidence that we have the ability to heal ourselves.

It’s also a habit of keeping our DNA close to what it was designed for and trusting that our body was designed and programmed for health. 

"Real knowledge is power. When you are healthy, you don't need any medications. You’ll find that health is simply attainable and is free! "
Dr. Bomi Joseph
Endo Health Pioneer
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