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Dr. Bomi Joseph regularly shares his research findings with the public. He hopes that by sharing his findings, he can help empower individuals to take control of their health with natural, preventative alternatives. Below is a collection of his research, interviews, and blogs. Interested in learning more? Submit a contact form today!

I come from a family of doctors. My brother is a neurosurgeon. I have always known that doctors study and treat disease. I have eternally been fascinated with health— which is the opposite of disease. I have been obsessed with finding a way to numerically measure health and to …

Peak Health, a leading nutrition and fitness company dedicated to improving human health, today announced the official launch of Phyto Farmacy™, a revolutionary new online store featuring all-natural, plant-based medicine from farm to farmacy.

Since 1984, Dr. Bomi Joseph has been bio-hacking humans and phyto-hacking plants. As the Director of Peak Health Center in Los Gatos, CA, he promotes the concept of “endohealth” or “health from within”. Dr. Bomi Joseph was exposed to the …

With the advancement of technology, pharmaceutical companies, and scientific research has made major strides in the last two decades. Diseases and disorders that were previously unknown and undiagnosed are now being more widely recognized, understood, and if possible treated and/or cured.

It might not surprise you that American adults sit more now than at any other time in history. According to the American Heart Association, sedentary jobs have increased by 83% since 1950.

With all the advances in science and copious amount of data, we should be quite knowledgeable about health. The Greeks documented human surgery 600 years ago, and there are hundreds of years of medical studies, trials, reports, research and analyses. We have the internet and instant access to information.

Dr. Joseph is a Director at The Peak Health Foundation. He has been bio-hacking humans and phyto-hacking plants since 1984. He is a leading speaker on human health and has given numerous presentations at Medical conferences. He has pioneered the development of the …

Many people trust that food additives like preservatives are safe to consume. However, there are many health problems that could arise from consuming food laced with preservatives.

Many people find it difficult to maintain proper health. There are problems all around us, from improper eating habits to a lack of exercise. Overuse of medications can also damage your health, since these chemicals are foreign to the body.

According to a groundbreaking 2015 study, nearly 96% of the global population suffered from at least one health problem in 2013. 2.3 billion people dealt with six or more ailments.

The United States is the most heavily medicated nation in history, filling a staggering 4.47 billion prescriptions in 2016, an 85% increase compared to 1997.

In the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), it was found that over 85% of all Americans over the age of 18 had tried alcohol at least once, and more than 50% of respondents had consumed an alcoholic drink within a month of the survey.

As cold and flu season begins, many patients begin to search the shelves for medications and supplements that they can use as prophylaxis to help boost their immune systems. However, most of the times these medications work solely through the placebo effect rather than having any true health advantages.

The food pyramid of your childhood, where grains make up the supporting base and the fats are eaten sparingly at the top, is now being challenged by new scientific evidence.
Preservatives are used to keep food fresh, but sometimes the long list of unpronounceable ingredients on the back of processed foods should be a cause for concern.
Biohacking is the newest term for the various methods and techniques that people are using to optimize their overall health and performance. Los Gatos, California resident, Dr. Bomi Joseph has been bio-hacking humans and phyto-hacking plants since 1984.